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I've been working in Antarctica for many years, and have just released my first feature film "Antarctica: A Year On Ice." The trailer is above.
The film has already won numerous international awards, and is proving to be hugely popular at festivals around the world.
More on the film and other information can be found here...

My footage has appeared in numerous films and TV shows, and was most recently featured in the BBC / Discovery series Frozen Planet.
I have plenty more photos to upload when I get a chance, so check back again!
To contact me directly for commercial licensing etc, email me at I have video, photos, and time-lapse shots of just about everything, so if there is something specific you are after let me know.


Antarctica: A Year On Ice Feature Film Extras

Extra pictures, posters and video clips from the feature film Antarcti ...

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Antarctica Wildlife

Photos of the local wildlife in the general vicinity of Scott Base and ...

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Antarctica Panoramas

Panoramic pictures of Antarctica

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Antarctica Auroras and Night Scapes

Shots of the southern stars and the Aurora Australis or Southern Light ...

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Antarctica: It's a Harsh Continent

Robert Scott said "...God this is an awful place." Here's a selection ...

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Sir Edmund Hillary Charity Photos

Any profits from this section will be donated to the Antarctic Heritag ...

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Antarctica Video Clips

Some sample video clips at a better resolution than on youtube.

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Antarctica Bases Machines and People

Pictures of the Antarctic Stations, and people and machinery in Antarc ...

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Antarctica Landscapes and Scenery

Antarctic landscapes and scenery

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Abstract images of the Ice

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